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Looking For Volunteers to Host:

(show titles subject to change)

  • "Cooking Vermont Style" - Local family recipes, interviews with local chefs, preparing wild game, the many uses of maple syrup, growing your own seasonings, etc. All recipes discussed will be posted to the website and Facebook for easy download.

  • "Harwood Hill Hilarity" - A comedy show that focuses on local humor as well as national and international. “You might be a Vermonter if…” Humorous events both current or historical could be included. This would be preferably a show in the afternoon drive time and could be for multiple days and could include some music for relief cuts.

  • "Our Heritage" - Local history from the early Native Americans who inhabited the region to the present day. Include Vermont, Massachusetts and New York. Include the development of local industries from Maple Syrup production to furniture making to logging. Interviews with long time residents could be included.

  • "Local Sports" - Our listeners would love for us to be able to cover some of the local sporting events live, but it would take someone on location capable of calling a game or event, adding color commentary as appropriate and being able to run remote equipment. (Training will be provided.)

  • “Veteran’s Voice” - Recorded interviews with soldiers from the Vermont Veteran’s Home to air once a week approximately 15 minutes in length. Show host will need to set-up, conduct and record interviews and learn how to edit them for play-back. Time is flexible as shows will usually be pre-recorded.

  • “Your Advocate” - Consumer advocacy covering all types of purchases from homes to automobiles to investments as well as how to recognize misleading advertising, use of couponing, unit pricing and what measures consumers can take to avoid being taken advantage of. Could bring listeners up to date on all of the latest scams circulating on the internet and by telephone. Extreme care needs to be exercised by show host so as to avoid any possible litigation for any unsubstantiated claims or accusations against any product, service, company or individual.

  • Miscellaneous - The programming committee will consider and review any and all other suggestions made by our listeners and volunteers. All shows must meet station and FCC guidelines. Training will be provided for any new show host that will include control board operation, on-air techniques, how to conduct a proper interview and other important matters including proper structuring of your show and how to follow a show clock. Also subject to review by programming committee.

Please fax a completed
"Application For Volunteer Show Host"
form to: 802-442-3112 or mail to:

Volunteer Show Host
407 Harwood Hill
Bennington, VT 05201

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